How can the funding be used? 

Funding from the sales tax must go toward improving public transportation. Based on a framework created by the county and city, money would be divided between three components over the first 10 years: 45 percent or $65 million to public transportation (Wave Transit), 39 percent or $56 million to improvements for bicycle and pedestrian pathways in the city, county and beach towns, and 16 percent or $23 million for the Rail Realignment Project.  

Under the Local Government Sales and Use Taxes for Public Transportation Article 43, funds generated from this sales tax cannot replace existing funding that is currently allocated for public transportation-related needs and cannot be used toward general street or road improvements.  

In order to ensure projects could be prioritized and move forward, funding would also be set aside for administrative purposes to ensure dedicated individuals could lead these important initiatives forward. The tax could also assist with ongoing maintenance of the public transportation infrastructure being developed. 

Learn more about each of the potential uses:
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