How will the transportation sales tax make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists? 

The greater Wilmington area is consistently ranked among one of the most dangerous regions in North Carolina for bike/ped safety based on collisions with motor vehicles. According to the NCDOT, in 2019, there were 134 reported bicycle and pedestrian crashes with 11 of those being fatal. So bicycle and pedestrian safety is a major concern throughout the county. The quarter-cent transportation sales tax would improve sidewalks, crosswalks, add protected bike lanes and create more multi-use paths that benefit those whose mode of transportation is by bicycle or walking. 

In identifying initial priority projects that could be funded, high transit areas and current bike/ped plans were analyzed to determine the areas that could benefit from additional bike and pedestrian connectivity and safety infrastructure. You can learn more about those potential projects here, which will continue to be assessed and refined, based on the community’s vision. 

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