Why is this being explored now? 

A majority of the Board of Commissioners approved a resolution to place the referendum for a quarter-cent sales tax on the November ballot for residents to vote on. The county does not currently have a dedicated source of revenue to support overall public transportation improvements, and this sales tax would allow for a sustainable funding source to help ensure bicycle, pedestrian and transportation services are convenient, connected, and promote safety and sustainability in the years to come. 

Having a dedicated funding source is important during good economic times and when things are more uncertain, to ensure an efficient multi-modal transportation system can always operate since public transit offers lower transportation costs to commuters and ensures access to school and work.  

In addition, city residents identified walking and biking in the city and the management of the flow of city streets as two main priorities in the 2022 City of Wilmington Citizen Survey – recognizing the importance of walking and biking in the city. Residents in our local beach communities have expressed the same desire to improve bicycle and pedestrian options, as indicated in feedback received for Kure Beach’s Land Use Plan and Bike/Ped Plan.  

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